Tapwater was shut down in January of 2020. This website exists as an archive.

The Problem

Your project is a monster.

From to-dos buried deep in the past to messages lost in your inbox, your project is a mess. It started out simple but evolved into a something else entirely. What happened?

Lack of clarity

What is the latest version of a file? When did it change?

Lost details

When did this invoice get paid again?

Paper shuffle

Where is that thing you sent me a month ago?

Notification overload

I can't navigate all these messages and alerts!

The Need

You need clarity.

Where were we six months ago? Where are we now? You have different tools for different purposes, but none that log the progress of a project and artifacts making it what it is today.

Ease of use

Find information & artifacts at a moment's notice.

Everyone up to speed

Keep the whole team and clients updated.

No red tape

Focus your attention on the work, not the bureaucracy.

Newcomers welcome

Introduce new team members to a project.

The Solution

That's where Tapwater comes in.

Tapwater creates a timeline for a project as it progresses. By including only the most important information in a linear, easy-to-follow flow, you and your team can effectively keep track of deliverables, milestones, and most importantly, the future.

Deliberate discourse

Thoughtful discussion over instant communication.

Keep track

Make a log of important decisions and resolutions.


Eliminate excess data, conversations, and stress.

Two birds, one stone

Log what happened and notify teammates of progress in one action.

Ditch the chaos. For free.

No credit card required. Delete your account any time.


Each tool designed to make every project organized and accessible.

Organize and filter posts with color-coded tags

Invite others to contribute and assign individual permission levels

Highlight important elements in a post

Discuss posts with teammates

Contribute to discussions by replying to email

Pin discussion resolutions

Create posts with freeform content

Upload assets and deliverables

Posts presented as you created it; no Tapwater branding

Share timelines with a public link, or keep them private

See post edit history

Archive finished projects

Ready to find clarity in all of your projects?

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Why did we build Tapwater?

Communication in the 21st century is complex and exhausting. The conversation moves from email to text, to the phone, to an app, back to text and as a result, we're pulled in all directions by tools designed to seize our attention and keep it captive. In building Tapwater, we set out to fix this line of thinking by building something you can use when you need it and put down when you're done with it. We wanted a tool that could keep these complex threads of digital conversation tamed and woven into something useful.

Tapwater is the tool we wanted to use, so we built the business with that in mind. We decided from the beginning to protect users from any kind of third-party tracking; the "value" that analytics would provide to our business doesn't justify the cost to you, the user. Tapwater uses no Google Analytics, Intercom, or tracking code of any kind beyond the basic internal tools we use to discover bugs within the software. We never share any of your data with any third party, and we've listed the services that we use to build Tapwater below. We want to foster a healthier, more respectful version of the Internet where customers are treated the same as if they walked into our office.